FCE Trailer Support


Is your employee's safety at work given the highest priority?

When loading & unloading your trailers, do you have the necessary safety procedures in place?

If you cannot answer yes to the above with guarenteed confidence, YOU should consider the FCE Trailer Support

Trailer Support Chart

Throughout the UK, there has been a significant increase in the number of incidents where stand-alone articulated trailers have collapsed with fork trucks (and drivers) inside. As a consequence, risk assessments by many affected companies have insisted upon the use of trailer stabilisers and we are pleased to report that the FCE Trailer Support is considered the safest option on the market.

Manoeuvring heavy pallets by fork truck into un-hitched trailers is common practice throughout the country. Trailer toppling or damage occurs due to the massive overhang on some of today’s trailer units, and a loaded fork truck inside. To contain an overbalanced trailer or minimize the risk of collapse, trailer stabilisers have been encouraged, and variations on the type shown in the top picture are fairly common, though unsteady when used. They are awkward to position, forcing operators to venture under the unsupported trailer and are unstable and unsuitable for use on uneven surfaces.

Trailer Support

The above picture shows the robust, sure-footed FCE Trailer Support with pneumatic tyres, hydraulic beam lift facility, and brake. The installation of this safety equipment is done out with the trailer footprint and manual effort is minimised. To date over 100 of these units have been sold to trailer loaders, and an option is available for tankers where chassis movement is minimal but support legs are an issue.

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What Could Happen If You Dont Have Our Trailer Support

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