FCE Hogan Bin Discharger

Hogan Bin Discharger

The controlled discharging of powders, granules and solids from silos and bulk storage systems have always caused problems, particularly blockages due to material bridging in the silo. Many activators do not allow flow rates to be controlled or measure the discharged materials accurately.

The Hogan Bin Discharger is the only activator which effectively promotes and regulates the flow of stored solids as well as allowing a rapid and positive shut-off. This is achieved by the vibrating body of the discharger which prevents blockagesand bridges as well as allowing the blades to close quickly and effectively.

For materials that prove to be particularly difficult to discharge, a vibrating antenna can be fitted to the discharger which extends up into the silo thus activating the stored material.

The Hogan Bin Discharger is available in a range of sizes, can be manufactured from a number of materials, and can be controlled manually, pneumatically or electrically. This makes for a unique versatile discharger which can be used to discharge a variety of materials from pharmaceuticals to foodstuffs, and in any condition from clean room to offshore.

We can supply the Hogan Bin Discharger to suit your specifications depending on the materials processed and your existing equipment. However we are specialists in turn-key projects, where we survey your problem situation and then design, create, install and test the correct system to suit your needs. This allows you to increase the efficiency of your system, with the minimum of effort.

Below is a video demonstration of our HBD400 Hogan Bin Discharger.



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