FCE Materials Handling

Group member 'FCE Materials Handling' designs and manufactures material handling products - some invented by and exclusive to the company.

The range includes the Hogan Bin Discharger which controls the discharge of loose products e.g. sand, powders, cement, starches etc. from hoppers/silos - with installations worldwide.

This company has also developed a close relationship within the distillery industry by resolving Cask Handling issues, cask de-char machines and more ...

In all industries the increased emphasis on safety has seen FCE Materials Handling division design and manufacture: Trailer Support

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What We Can Do

Some Of Our Products

FCE Hogan Bin Discharger

Hogan Bin DischargerThe controlled discharging of powders, granules and solids from silos and bulk storage systems have always caused problems, particularly blockages due to material bridging in the silo. Many activators do not allow flow rates to be controlled or measure the discharged materials accurately.

The Hogan Bin Discharger is the only activator which effectively promotes and regulates the flow of stored solids as well as allowing a rapid and positive shut-off.......


FCE Trailer Support

FCE Trailer SupportThroughout the UK, there has been a significant increase in the number of incidents where stand-alone articulated trailers have collapsed with fork trucks (and drivers) inside. As a consequence, risk assessments by many affected companies have insisted upon the use of trailer stabilisers and we are pleased to report that the FCE Trailer Support is considered the safest option on the market.
Maneuvering heavy pallets by fork truck into un-hitched trailers is common practice throughout the country. Trailer toppling or damage occurs due to.......