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About Hydraulic Rams

The Information

Hydraulic rams (also called hydraulic cylinders) are mechanical actuators that are used to give a linear force through a linear stroke. This force can be either in a push or pull motion.
The majority of hydraulic rams are powered by pressurised oil, but technically this could be any fluid. Oil is the obvious choice for it's lubricating qualities and it's stability under high pressures.
Hydraulic rams can be used where ever linear motion is required and because of there great adaptability are found in almost every industry.

Examples Of Different Rams

Description Of Each Style

Single Acting- powered in only one direction either push or pull.
Single Acting Displacement- powered in push direction and sealed at the neck-gland only. The maximum force of this type of cylinder is dictated by the rod diameter (pressure x rod diameter)
Spring Return- a single acting ram, whose piston is moved in one direction by a spring.
Double Acting- powered in both directions.
Telescopic- multi stage piston rod used to make the overall size smaller. Can be either single or double acting.
Hollow Piston- can be used to make the pull tonnage greater than the push. Can also be single, double, spring return or telescopic type.

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