Our CNC Machines

W.A. Remik Engineering Ltd specialise in CNC turning. This is our latest addition to the FCE Group, manufacturing precision machined parts from all grades of material.

We can machine a vast range of sizes and specifications that you may need.

We ensure that all parts are manufactured to the highest quality and that parts are made to exact specifications.

For further information on any CNC related products or for a quotation, please don't hesitate to contact us.


Eagle Dugard 200 CNC Lathe

Machine Specification

Max. swing diameter - 480mm
Max. diameter turned - 280mm
Max. length turned - 508mm
Max. cross travel X axis - 176mm
Max longitudinal travel Z axis - 520mm
Spindle nose - ASA A2-6
Chuck size - 210mm
Bar capacity with 210mm chuck - 52mm
Spindle speeds chuck - 45-4500rpm
Spindle power Fanuc Drive - 11 kW A C
Power with Siemens Control Standard - 11kW A C
Bi-directional turret - 10 Station
Turret index time - 3 secs
Tool shank - 20x20mm
Boring bar size (maximum) - 32mm dia
Rapid traverse speed on X axis - 30m/min
Rapid traverse speed on Z axis - 30m/min
Machine weight - 3200kgs

Standard Equipment
Hydraulic 10- tool turret
Face cutting holder 2 sets
Boring bar holder 5 sets
Hydraulic tailstock with MT No. 4 quill
Through bore 8”hydraulic chuck
Control Fanuc OiTC / (Optional Control Siemens 810D “Shopturn

Star CNC Lathe RNC-16

Machine Specification

CNC Control: Fanuc 0T
Max. Turning Diameter: 16mm (5/8")
Max. Turning Length in One Chucking: 130mm (5")
Max. Turning Length in One Chucking w/ RGB 78mm (3")
Headstock Spindle Speed: 300-8000 rpm
Max. Drilling Diameter: 8mm (5/16")
Max. Tapping Diameter: M6, P=1.0
Mumber of Tools: 8
5 Turning / OD tool holder
w/ 2 positions capable of simultaneous turning
3 Spindle Endworking Attachment: 7mm (1/4")
Turning Tool Size: (3/8" x 3/8" x 4-45/46")
Motor for Headstock: 2.2kw
Approximate Dimensions: 7-1/2' x 4' x 6-1/2'
Approximate Weight: 2200 lbs

Gravity Barfeed
Rotary Guide Bushing & Fixed Guide Bushing
Long Part Adapter

2x Goodway GCL-2L

Machine Specification

Chuck size = 8"
Max. swing = 400
Swing over saddle = 280
Max. turning dia. = 220
Max. turning length = 600
Slide travel X = 135
Slide travel Z = 640
Bar capacity = 52mm
Spindle motor = 11 kW/15 kW (continuous/30 min)
Spindle speeds = 60-4500 rpm
8 St. Turret

Goodway TA-32 CNC Lathe

Machine Specification

Chuck size = 6"
Swing Over Slide Cover = 275mm
Swing over cross slide = 105mm
Max. turning dia. = 100
Max. turning length = 260mm
Slide travel X = 300mm
Slide travel Z = 280mm
Round Collet Capacity = 32mm
Spindle motor = AC 3.7KW 5HP/5.5KW 7.5HP(continuous/30 min)
Spindle speeds = 150-6000 rpm

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